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March 25, 2012

The Bev Town Blogger

So, my wife and I have been thinking about starting a commercial brewery for about a year now... I know - how awesome is that, right?
Well the more I've gotten into creating the business plan, the more daunting this endeavor becomes.
I would just like to sell kegs of craft beer made with local ingredients to the local restaurants.  It's not a huge cash-cow, but it could turn some profit.
So far, this is what I think we need to do:
  • Get some office space.  Our house is zoned R-10.  Residential, so in order for us to form an LLC, we need to have a place of business.
  • Name the Business.
  • Form the LLC
  • File LLC Papers with the Sec. of the Commonwealth.
  • File a Business Cert.
  • Get a Tax ID.
  • Register with the Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing.  From the Commonwealth.
  • Get Some Brewing Space. We have to have a place to brew commercially, and I don't think we can use our house, so, we'll have to rent a kitchen somewhere.
  • Submit a Brewer's Notice to the TTB.  I don't actually know for sure if we have to do this, since we're going to apply for a Farmer/Brewer license in Massachusetts.
  • Wait for Background Check and Interview process to end.
  • Apply for a Farmer-Brewer's License in Massachusetts according to MGL (Massachusetts General Laws).  We plan on brewing less than 5,000 barrels/year, so $22 is what that'll cost.  Since we've been growing our own hops for a couple of years now, and since we plan on using other locally grown ingredients, we would fall under this type of license.  This also allows us to do our our distribution.
  • Apply for Membership into the Massachusetts Brewer's Guild.  It's free for < 500 bbl, which is where I think we would be at in the first year.
  • Then... and only then... can we begin brewing.

This seems daunting to me and I'm probably missing a bunch of steps, but this is the plan for now... until it changes.

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