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April 17, 2012

"Off to the Shipyard" and other short stories...

Over this incredibly warm Patriot's Day weekend, We've been getting a few things done around here.  I've been researching locations, and discovered one just down the street from my residence that looks promising, and a possibility opened up in another town, but that would be for only one-weekday per week... and the storage is limited.

We're headed up to Maine today to check out the operation at the Shipyard Brewery for a few days.  I have my notebook, a stump trivia pen, and about 653 questions.

So, before we go... I need to stick those rhizomes into the ground!

I plan on finishing my lauter tun on friday morning, we have all the parts (except maybe a spigot), so that means that on Saturday... or even by Friday... I could be extracting around 6 or 7 gal. of wort at a time.

See you in a few days!

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