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April 08, 2012

Open Bottle after 3 Days, Recieve Redemption: an Easter Weekend Conundrum

So, Skinny Dale and I were heading up to Rockport, Mass. yesterday to pick up some steins for his collection and we were discussing whether we should bottle striaght away, or stick with kegging until we can expand into the world of bottling.

Here is a comparison:


Lower overheadCarbonation will have to be natural until we can get a forced carbonation bottling system.
Establishments don't want to give up Tap-space real-estate to an unknown/small brandEstablishments don't have to commit to 5 Gallons at a time... they could try a 12 pack or even less.
The establishment has to pay the deposit on the keg (around $40)The establishment would have to pay the deposit on the bottles... which we would probably never see again
We'd need a cool looking tap!All bottle labels need to be approved by the Federal Government
It's easier to make a consistent product with kegsPeople would be more likely to walk in off the street and purchase directly from us for off-premise consumption
Already have the equipment for this, and its fastCan be done manually, but is very time-consuming
Samples could be given out at the BrewerySamples could be brought to the establishments
Easy to distributeFragile
Easy to storeSpace-hog

I also checked out this article from 2011 02 07 on-line at about Ghost River Brewing; it's an interesting read and pretty informative.

The long and short of it: We will be bottling certain recipes in small quantities as needed.  That means we'll need to have an approved label for these bottles.

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