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April 14, 2012

Zoning and Rhizoming

I have contacted a member of the Beverly zoning committee via email, and have been informed that "in his opinion, brewing is industrial", so I was thinking about an ideal location for the Bevtown Brewer to situate itself, when a Cessna 172 flying a bit low disturbed my train of thought... and then the light bulb went on!

The Beverly Airport... it's zoned industrial, it's out of the way of lots of (ground) traffic, it's cool, it's got that restaurant that closed down... it's near the dog-park... it's ideal.

Now I just need to find out if any space out there is available.

In other less interesting news... I'm heading down to Woburn today to pick up 3 more hop rhizomes (they finally came in!) and 2 more logs for the operation... bit by bit by bit by bit ad nauseum.

I think I'll be brewing on Monday as well... maybe a "Dang Ale" in honor of Bruins Playoff Season and Jack Edwards!

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