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May 27, 2012

In my last post, I expressed sincere concern for a batch of Snake Hill Ale's well-being.  I am happy to announce today, Memorial Day Eve 2012, that all is well, and Batch No. 1 of Snake Hill Ale is just fine.  Phew!  I had tasted from the keg a couple of days ago, just to make sure the product was doing okay, and much to my chagrin, it tasted of Vinegar, it was cloudy as Hell, and it had the texture and feel of that last bit of Alka-seltzer at the bottom of the glass.

After a couple of days in the keg, with periodic monitoring, these seemingly tragic symptoms have vanished.  Most likely it was a bit of no-rinse sanitizer caught in the dip tube that ended up in the first couple of pulls from the tap.

"From a song about tragedy impending... we're going to move swiftly into a song about trag-tragedy narrowly averted." -- Bob Weir between songs on Reckoning

The quote seemed apropos, but is actually backwards.

Today is the day... the Limited Public Premier of Snake Hill Ale, A light summery ale that will go down smooth and still have the craft ale complexity that we expect from the Snake Hill Ales.

There are 10 Gallons in the Basement carb'ed up and ready to go.  I had to design a way to tap them both at the same time without a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer.   The guy at Home Depot sold me the wrong thing.  Totally my fault, but I'm not going back there on Memorial Day Weekend.

Happy Weekend!

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