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March 12, 2013

The Scoresheets Came Today!

We got a packet from the brewing competition with the AHA/BJCP score-sheets in the mail today.  I have to say, the feedback was awesome--- especially for the stout (which, I might add -- went on to the "best of show" advanced round)!

Some highlights...

Regarding Young George:
  • "Enjoyable beer."
  • "Nice complex yeast profile"
  • "Nice drinking beer, lots going on with the subtle smoke character"
Regarding the Stout:
  • "Great full mouth-feel"
  • "Very pleasant beer, lite chocolate subtle roast, super mouth-feel - don't change that!"
  • "Very drinkable"
  • "Nice job cracking a smooth mouth-feel."
  • Scored on the higher end of the "Very Good" beer rubric... 36/50.
Probably the most useful feedback was to "watch fermentation temperatures", a known problem in our current operation.

"Onward and Upward", as they formerly said in the ladder building industry.

What's next?

Get that kegerator built!  Then, ferm. temp. won't be such a challenge!

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