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April 02, 2012

$1,476 for Stuff I Don't Want Anymore

Well, I received a quote from Waste Management to get a "63 Gallon Toter Bin" for the home office.  After Fees and all that, it'll come to about $41.00 per month for a monthly pickup (that's if they keep their prices the same).  I better start generating some serious trash or shop around... not to mention, they want a 36 month contract.

I totally understand why they want a 36 month contract, I am just not sure I can justify spending $1,476 for someone to come a take a few pieces of paper away.  Yikes.  Maybe I'm in the wrong racket... (yeah that's the correct word...not racquet).

In even worse news, I just discovered that one of my corny kegs has a slow leak.  That batch that I kegged up yesterday is no closer to being carbonated than Kellehers Pond.

Time to start using that keg-lube, I guess.

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