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May 05, 2012

Happy National Homebrew Day!

It's Saturday Morning, and here I sit on my couch, feet well supported and coffee mug in hand.  The lawn ripe with an unmowable case of the "wets" and the deadline of a final project looming in some dark corner of my groggy mind.

I have dreamt of barley-water and rain.  I have devised a new device for the sparge.  I have under-slept. 

The 12 lbs of various grains crouch, hidden and beckon me from across the room to take them for a summery hot swim.  But first, I must travel to the far off land known as Woburn for a coil of cuprous and a tin of gas for to fill the charge and charge the fill.

Alas, the list returns with the fury of a banshee.  I will not succumb.  I must not succumb.

Today, I will brew.  After all, it is National Homebrew Day.  And then, and only then, shall the world return and cast its fire-shawl on the flames of creation, and extinguish those dreams of barley-water and rain.  And thus, shall the grasses be dried and the deadlines be met.

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