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September 16, 2012


After a much much much too long hiatus, I have begun a new batch.   Summer is quickly fading and at night, the sweet Beverly air caresses my soul with the loving bite of autumn. -- I just made that up.

So- "where have we been?"  "You name it."... well, that's not exactly the right thing to say, but we have been all over the place - developing ideas.

I was quoted in a newspaper in Saratoga Spings, New York during the "Battle of the Brews" - and the next day I had the long shot "to-win" at the Travers... just my luck-- the first "dead heat" in the history of the race.

I'm actually thinking of a recipe to commemorate the event.  "Snake Hill Ale - Dead Heat"... it'll be spicy I think.

In other news, I harvested our first Hop Crop.  It's in the kitchen drying as I type!  And ALSO... I'm brewing up an October-fest Ale for next month.  :)  I'm calling it "Die Valkure".

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