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September 23, 2012

Nu-Amon (SPA)

Yesterday, 9/22/12, was (as all of you know) the birthday of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins.  In honour of this most precious occasion, we here at the Bevtown Brewer Facility created, "Nu-Amon SPA" (if you're wondering what SPA stands for...  it's Shire Pale Ale).  It should prove to be a tricksy and bold lager that you and your fellowship will try once, and crave again and again.  It will steal your hearts and run rings around other SPAs that you may have tried.

In the future... keep your Palantirs at the ready, and look for Radagast Brown Ale, the Mirkwood Oak Barrel Series, Melkor's Black Lager, and of course the Rohan Red.

And don't forget... the Nu-Amon is only available at the Green Dragon, the Prancing Pony, and our facility right here in the North Central Farthing of the Bev'.

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