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January 25, 2013

The Stout: an update

Well... a while back, we brewed a stout; a Vanilla Latte stout.  Jason... 'twas a great idea that spawned this delicious and dark delight.  I've put some in a growler for you. :)  So, we've got some in the keg, some in a growler, and the rest in bottles for a home-brew competition.

We tried a couple of different things as far as bottling for the competition.  The first was to take the stout right from secondary and put it in bottles with carbonation tablets... there are 4 of those (one to test and 3 for a competition if they're carbonated correctly) and there are 9 bottles that went from keg into the bottles (after forced CO2)... 3 for a competition and 6 for friends and family.  The growler is for Jason and the keg... well... the keg is for a party!

We also took 4 bottles of Young George right out of primary and put it into bottles with carbonation tabs... we'll see what happens with this!?!

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