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February 18, 2013

February Update

"Febrewary" is indeed a cliché, but we are indeed brewing quite a bit this month.  Yesterday - we created the "March Hare" - it'll be ready just in time for everyone's favourite holiday involving rabbits and hard-boiled eggs.  It's bubbling away in the fermenting room already - remember a happy yeast is an active yeast - and this yeast is at least ecstatic!

Hopus-141 is on track for the Opus-141 party.  This custom hand-crafted lager will be earthy and lite with delicate hints of smoked beechwood.

2 of the 6 remaining bottles of the stout are in the fridge.  1 is in storage, and 3 are awaiting the competition this coming Saturday.

Young George (Smoked Cherry-wood Ale) is truly in his prime today... President's Day.  I cannot tell a lie, this beer is awesome.  We've got some in a growler, one in storage, three (along with the stout) down in Boston for the competition, and some on tap.

Speaking of taps... our in-house sampling station is ready for installation (in the form of a kegerator in the dining room)... we just need to pick up the correct size hole saws!

Also this week we'll be making a brew for April... just not sure what to make just yet.

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