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May 12, 2012

Contrast & Compare

I had the opportunity to use my new wort chiller while making a batch of "Midnight Ale" last night.  Being the nerd that I am, I took temperature readings every so often so I could compare it to a "Natural" or "Newtonian" cooling of wort.  Well, I knew it would be faster... but I did not expect the results that I got!  As you can see in the comparison chart below (made with gnuplot), It took 30 minutes to do what a natural cooling couldn't do in 7 hours.

Midnight Ale - I'm trying to use up the rest of my extract so I can just keep the grains around, so I decided to brew up a nice dark ale... appropriately at Midnight last night... this morning... last night... whatever.
Recipe: 3.3lbs Cooper's Dark LME, 3lbs Munton's Amber DME, 60min - 1/2oz. Northern Brewer Pellets, 30min - 1oz. Challenger Pellets, 2min - 1oz. Liberty, WLP 051 California V Ale Yeast (of which I am second guessing) and finally a 1 oz Kent Golding Tea to complete the foot.
I totally forgot to add the Irish Moss (thanks to the Peak Organic King Crimson), but didn't have any trouble separating the wort from the trub due in part (I think) to the new chiller.

(If you follow the link to Cooper's, don't forget that it goes MM DD YYYY Down Under)

And on today's Agenda: Ale Franken (for lack of a better name)- who know's what it'll be... who knows who'll drink it?!?!

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